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With the improvement of people's requirements for the quality of home life, wood flooring has become the first choice for many consumers who "pursue life style" to decorate the floor materials. However, the wooden floors in some citizens' homes have been used for less than twoorthree years, and various "defects" have appeared, while some wooden floors are still as fresh as new after seven or eight years of paving. What is the reason for such a big gap? Insiders explained that in addition to the material factors of the brand quality of wood flooring, consumers' ignorance of the maintenance knowledge of wood flooring is also the reason for the rapid aging of wood flooring. Yama King flooring especially advocates "three points of pavement and seven points of maintenance". On the basis of scientific pavement, correct and sufficient maintenance of wood flooring is a key to determine the length of life of wood flooring. So, how to maintain the wooden floor scientifically and perfectly? In this article, Yama King flooring will explain the moisture-proof maintenance of the floor that consumers are most concerned about one by one, so as to answer questions and solve doubts for consumers. Symptom 1: the wooden floor shrinks and cracks after exposure to the sun, and the paint film blisters and changes color into midsummer. The sky is scorching and unbearable. In this case, the most common problem of wood flooring is shrinkage and seam separation. Ms. Wang recently found that there were cracks on fiveorsix floors near the window in the bedroom. After consulting the floor expert of King Yama, she learned that it was caused by the fact that the curtains were not tightly drawn during the day and the strong sunlight hit the floor directly. Afan from Yama Wang Huadu store said that under high temperature, the moisture inside the wood is easy to volatilize, which leads to the shrinkage of the floor volume, widening the gap at the floor splice, and even making the tongue and groove separate and crack. Even turning on the air conditioner won't help. Because the air conditioner is equivalent to a dehumidifier, blowing the floor with the air conditioner for a long time will also dry the wooden floor, causing shrinkage problems. "In summer, a big" killer "of wooden floors is the exposure to the sun. After exposure to the sun, the floors near the balcony or windows often have cracks, and the paint film will blister, change color, or even break away." Master Ye of Yama king wood flooring said that three points should be paid attention to in the "summer vacation" method of wood flooring in summer: first, if wood flooring is installed at home, someone must check in. If it is impossible to check in immediately, it is also necessary to often maintain ventilation, ventilation and heat dissipation in the room; Secondly, try not to blow the air conditioner at home against the floor. If you feel that the room is dry, you can humidify it appropriately; Finally, the owner should draw the curtains well when going out, and don't let the sun shine directly on the floor. Disease 2: susceptible to moisture, swelling, deformation and arching. In the rainy season, thunderstorms will come from time to time. In this humid weather, the wooden floor is very easy to expand, deform and arch. Xiao Chen of Yama King pointed out that to make the wooden floor survive this wet rainy season safely, we should not only do a good job in waterproof and moisture-proof treatment in advance when paving, but also take more care on weekdays, so as to eradicate the problem of wooden floor moisture. The "moisture-proof" strategy for the maintenance of wooden floors. Afan of yamawang Huadu store said that to avoid the expansion, deformation and arching of wooden floors in the humid air in the rainy season, consumers should pay attention to the first hurdle when buying floors. She pointed out that the scientific design of the material and structure of high-quality wood flooring can effectively prevent the expansion and deformation of the floor caused by wet weather. For example, Yama King's three-layer solid wood floor adopts hard wood at the top, which is very conducive to wear resistance; The middle layer and bottom layer are made of soft wood with strong water absorption. Because they can absorb moisture well, these corks greatly reduce the burden of surface wood, so that the surface of the wood floor can also maintain a hard, stable and beautiful state in the rainy season. When doing moisture-proof maintenance for wood floors, in addition to simply closing windows in time and regular ventilation, there are two more professional methods: one is to do more waxing care. It should be waxed half a year or once a year, so that the wooden floor can avoid the invasion of moisture in the rainy season, so as to achieve the purpose of extending its service life. In addition, if the home is paved with solid wood floors, you can also consider painting a layer of transparent varnish on the surface. However, the process requirements for painting varnish are extremely high. If the construction team is not careful enough, it may have a negative effect. Second, the surface is paved with moisture-proof film. Nowadays, there are special moisture-proof films on the surface of wood floors on the market. This kind of moisture-proof film specially used for wood floors can be paved on the surface of wood floors to prevent the surface of wood floors from getting damp. In addition, we should also pay attention not to let moisture penetrate into the wooden floor when caring for the wooden floor at ordinary times. For example, the mop should be wrung dry when scrubbing the floor. When it is found that there are mildew spots on the surface of the wooden floor, it can be timely wiped with bleach of soft nature in a dilution ratio of 1:3, and then cleaned with a rag. Key words of this article: wood flooring, wood flooring maintenance, wood flooring maintenance Author: Yama Wang, manager Hu

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