Cost saving fully automatic sealing foaming equipm

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Dalian Huagong is a professional manufacturer of filter gluing machine and gluing machine

Dalian Huagong is a manufacturer specializing in the production of filter glue applicators and glue applicators

provide sealing protection for your medium and high efficiency filter, save your cost, and the protection grade can reach IP67 to improve product quality

the sealing strip is widely used and has the following functions:

1. Prevent the invasion of rain (water), dust and polluting gas

2. Prevent vibration, noise and heat from invading the room

3. Prevent corrosive media from eroding product parts

it is mainly used in cabinets, distribution cabinets, explosion-proof shells, low-voltage cabinets, automobiles, household appliances, lamps, filters and other industrial products and parts that need to be sealed

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Dalian Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with sealing solutions, with world leading technology, ten-year quality assurance, considerate pre-sales and after-sales service, and excellent R & D team to ensure customers' different needs. Interested parties please login  Or call 0411-39525022 sealing glue applicator foaming glue applicator cabinet glue applicator distribution cabinet dispenser two-component AB glue applicator cabinet sealing glue applicator rubber strip foaming machine cabinet sealing glue applicator filter glue dispenser sealing glue dispenser polyurethane glue applicator two-component glue applicator plate gluing machine bridge breaking aluminum door and window gluing machine stainless steel warm edge molding machine cabinet sealing





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