Small fresh pastoral love can enjoy farmhouse fun

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Staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoying a moment of tranquility is probably the most real feeling brought to us by the pastoral style. Different from other styles, the strong pastoral feeling with its unique purity, nature and simplicity has continuously attracted many people, especially the struggling people in the city, who can find a sense of belonging here. What I'm going to share with you is such a small and fresh pastoral style of two bedrooms and two halls in Donghe Guanhu county. Can you enjoy "farmhouse fun" at home? It's so interesting. Don't hurry to have a look

[Donghe Guanhu County small fresh rural model room space exhibition]

small fresh restaurant: it is not difficult to find that the owner must be a little girl. Whether it is the selection of colors or the decoration of objects, the artistic atmosphere is unreservedly reflected. The idyllic style itself pays attention to the return of the soul in the design. When you return home after a day of fatigue, you will even feel better looking at these angry looks. Blue and brown tables and chairs, many potted vases, a vibrant space





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